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Washing Machine Repair
Your old washing machine has just flooded the floor for the third time and the repairman has sucked in his breath (or just laughed in my case) at .....
Finding the best sources of information about Appliance Repair Companies can be quite difficult. We have searched the web to bring you only the most pertinent information about Appliance Repair Companies and have gathered even more informationa about home appliance. We hope you will find this to be of great value.

Browse our Appliance Repair Directory by State to locate qualified appliance repair technicians in your area. Whether you are looking for appliance repair for your stove, refrigerator, clothes dryer or washing machine, you will be sure to find only the most qualified repairmen listed in our directory.

When hiring an appliance repair technician here are some questions to consider

Finding the right Appliance Repair Companies to service your home appliances can be chalenging, but our directory will make it much easier for you.

Refrigerator Repair
I still remember the old monster of a Norge refrigerator that hummed away in my .....
  • - How many years have you been in the appliance repair business?
  • - Did you attend a certified appliance repair school?
  • - What are your rates?
  • - Does your company charge a "trip charge"?
  • - Do you provide appliance removal if mine is beyond repair?
  • - What brands of appliances do you service?

Find repairman for your home's appliances by checking with local associations and governmental sites

You should always check with your local Better Business Bureau, and your local Chamber of Commerce when hiring an appliance repair company. You want to make certain you have hired a reputable company and searching our Appliance Repair Directory is a GREAT start!

Maytag Entering Repair Business
DES MOINES, Iowa -- When any of Susan Podgorski's appliances break, she calls just one repair service

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